I have to say that that was a nice touch and it was a form of climate control, I suppose

I was recently chaperoning at a field trip for my son’s school. It was towards the end of the school year and the summer weather was really starting in earnest. Me, my son, and three of his friends had traveled the two hours to the amusement park in comfort because of my air-conditioned SUV that we took up there. We were so happy that we made the trip in the cooled off vehicle that we had not thought about how hot it would be walking around that part for the rest of the day! Well, maybe my son and his friends were not as concerned about it as I was. As I stepped out of the SUV, the heat and humidity hit me like an oven. I realized I would be walking through that oven for the next few hours! I was beginning to wish I had brought sunscreen because the sun was pretty bright, but at least I had my sunglasses. When we were filing through the entrance, I did notice that there were fans blowing a cool mist stationed at regular intervals above us. I have to say that that was a nice touch and it was a form of climate control, I suppose. Thankfully, the actual area where we paid for tickets was an enclosed building with air conditioning! You can imagine how reluctant I was to leave that climate controlled environment once we paid for the tickets and could head on to the park. It’s not like my son allowed me another single moment of respite, as he was practically tugging on me to leave the air-conditioned building and head into the park to have some fun!


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