Because of the length of our summer time season, a central cooling system isn’t really necessary.

The two of us regularly get about more than two months of warm weather, however occasionally, the whole season is freezing and rainy… Every so often, the two of us get hot and cold temperatures in the nineties with brutal humidity. The house gets overheated and sticky, and running box fans doesn’t supply much relief, and plus, the open windows welcome in all sort of contaminants and bugs, including pollen, exhaust fumes, and mosquitos, but since our family spends most of our time outside, taking advantage of the warm weather whenever possible, I’ve targeted temperature control in the family rooms. I invested in a ductless multi-split system. There is a single outdoor air compressor which links to numerous indoor air handlers. The air handlers are compact and mounted up high on a wall of each of the family rooms. The air handlers have their own thermostat and controls, allowing for zoned air conditioning. The individual family rooms can be set to customized hot and cold temperatures. There’s no need to run the cooling system when the room is empty and everybody can care about personalized comfort. The ductless system is extremely energy efficient, so it doesn’t cost all the much to run. The installation process was completed in a single afternoon and it required no renovation and caused no mess. I care about that the two of us can adjust the air handlers through a cordless remote or our smartphones. That way, it’s easy to startup the system shortly before I head to bed for the night, then my family room is nice and cool for me, and I sleep so much better.


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