During the Winter, the adults are drinking warm drinks to get the chills of winter out of their system.

Meanwhile, my granddaughter drinks hot cocoa with a peppermint candy stuck in the bottom of the cup.

She thinks it is the peppermint that makes her feel all moderately warm and fuzzy inside. Now look, I’m not going to sit here and say the peppermint doesn’t provide her the warmth, because it is great for the digestion! However, I guess it is the warmth that makes her feel much warmer and tingly since she ends up going to sleep very quickly after having this drink. A lot of times, she will bring out her pillow and blanket, and drop to the floor in front of the sofa just to catch some sleep. This is the warmest spot in the home, as the fireplace is directly across from the sofa! She can feel all the warmth without anyone worrying about her getting close enough to get burnt, which I worried about when she was younger – she wasn’t the brightest kid, I’ll level with you. Anyway, when the granddaughter isn’t around, I enjoy having the fireplace so close to the kitchen since everything tastes better when it is cooked in the fireplace – whether it’s popcorn, chili, soup or even meat grilled on an iron grill over the fire. All of these things together make for delicious, flame-cooked meals that are perfect for warming up after dealing with the bitter winter cold all day. For someone like my granddaughter, the fireplace is the perfect lullaby without needing any vocals or music.
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