Last winter was one of the coldest on record.

The temperature dropped into the low forties in early September.

By the middle of January, we were dealing with temperatures well below zero, dangerous windchill and constant snowfall. Attempting to combat the consequences of the horrible weather was exhausting and expensive. I’d hired a guy to plow my driveway, and he was needed several times per day. I spent hours shoveling the walkways and my front porch every morning. By the evening, everything was filled in with several feet of snow again. Plus, with the severe cold, I spent a fortune on my monthly heating bills. I kept raising the thermostat, trying to keep the home halfway comfortable. The furnace seemed to be running non stop. The wear and tear proved too much, and the heating system eventually quit on a friday evening, just after regular business hours. Because the winter was proving to be super expensive, I didn’t want to pay extra for overtime charges. I decided to hold off calling the HVAC contractor until normal repair hours on the following Monday. Going without heat for the weekend was very unpleasant. Although my family bundled up in extra sweaters, wool socks and blankets, we all shivered. I plugged in a few space heaters, but they failed to make much of an improvement. For the entire weekend, the outside temperature never climbed above four degrees. I contacted the HVAC company first thing on Monday morning and begged for an immediate appointment. Although the HVAC technician came right over, he couldn’t fix the furnace. He needed to order a part which took several days to come in. We ended up living without the operation of the furnace for almost a week.


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