I never was the best at balancing my budget.

  • There was a time when I practically survived from paycheck to paycheck, despite that it should not have been necessary, because I was making enough money.

However, I was not saving a penny of it and was spending everything on frivolous things. My problems were pretty self-explanatory. if there was cash in my pocket, then I spent it. It took me way too long to break myself of this habit. Necessary expenditures would be left to last, because I would forget about them or simply ignore them. Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance was not something that I considered to be of all that vital. I tried to get by with as little upkeep for the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment as possible. I changed out the air filters regularly, but I failed to schedule actual service from an HVAC professional. That was, until both the furnace and air conditioner malfunctioned s in the same year. By the time I called an HVAC professional for repairs, the device was already too damaged to fix. I had to suffer for quite a while cooling or heating, because I first needed to raise the funds to buy a new air conditioner and then a furnace. It took some very creative budgeting as well as faithful saving in order to afford whole-home temperature control once more. This experience taught me to be more frugal. Nowadays, I save money and make sure to have both our a/c and gas furnace inspected every year!

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