My house uses hard water and it ruins everything it touches.

The hard water stains all my plumbing fixtures, my teeth and makes my hair looks orange.

Don’t combine bleach with hard water, it is a toxic combo. Once a year my hard water rebels and messes with my water heater. There is a piece on the hot water tank called the anode rod. This rod is responsible for catching sediment and debris from getting into your water. It should be a good thing. The anode rod is no match for hard water. There is too much for it to catch and it ends up ruining this part. I always know when I have to rip it out. The water coming out of the faucets smell just like rotten eggs. I then know it is time to trade down to the basement to check out the water heater. I have to rip out the part and null my warranty. Then I need to get rid of the egg smell. I have to dump bleach down all the piping and then for days the water has a bleachy smell. After it cycles through, we should be good to go. My family then can’t consume the water in any way since it is so contaminated. No worries though. After this whole cycle, the water tank won’t last long anyway. It will die and I will need to buy a new water tank. Then I get a new anode rod that someday will make the water smell like eggs. It is a horrible cycle that seems to be always frequent in my life.