My Dad recently went to Heaven to be with her Maker, plus the only thing that has helped myself and others cope with these hard times is looking back at all of the fond memories that I have with our mom… There are so multiple that I do not suppose that I could count them if I tried to, and one of our favorite memories is of us picking wild flowers plus filling our little apartment with them, but my Dad was a gem. My father left when I was just an infant, so it was just myself and others plus our Dad throughout our childhood, then i never felt like I missed out on anything because of how enjoyable of a mother I had. One of the funny memories that I have is of the multiple many times that the two of us had to ride in our humid car that did not have a/c. The two of us were poor, plus the two of us could not afford to get the a/c fixed in our car, so the two of us just lived without it. The two of us rolled the windows down plus enjoyed the wind that blew through our hair. The two of us went on road trips often because the two of us both entirely enjoyed them. The worst times in the car were when it was raining outside, plus the two of us were not able to roll down the windows. It got so humid in the car. My Dad was so sweet; she tried to make the best of every situation… When the two of us could not roll down the windows plus the two of us were miserable, our Dad would sing, plus ask myself and others to sing along with her. I miss her so much, plus I prefer reminiscing over the fantastic aged mornings.


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