My family and I took a nice trip down south the entire cold season. We have a little beach residence that every one of us rent for that period of time. The entire trip every one of us did not once think about our northern residence. I left the oil heating machine on low heating mode, watered the plants and figured all would be just fine. When every one of us came back, it was coming back to a real mess in our place. Apparently the oil furnace broke down while every one of us were gone on our trip. Since there was no heating, the piping in the current residence totally froze. The kitchen area pipes were frozen solid and refused to let water through. My partner set up a great deal of space gas furnaces in the kitchen area trying to thaw out the plumbing. I was concerned that every one of us would never get water out of the faucet again. The worst part was the upstairs though. The piping upstairs in the powder room unquestionably burst. What happens is that there is water in the piping. The ice-cold air froze that water and it expanded. The piping could not take the greater size and cracked. Then once the weather warmed up some, a bunch of water then leaked out into our residence. The upstairs flooring is honestly done for. The water destruction and mold is nothing I can fix on my own. I don’t know how my partner and I can repair the powder room plumbing. We think a plumbing company will need to come in and completely redo the whole area. The sink plumbing is a true mess, the toilet is a disaster and even the shower won’t work. It is going to be a rather lavish plumbing repair. We are already dreading that bill that is coming up.

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