When I started working for my brother’s HVAC company, I was a little green with heating and cooling technology, but I learned quickly.

I was actually really good with computer programming though and I wanted to be able to help the best way I knew how.

When I learned that my brother didn’t have an official website for his heating and cooling company, I got to work on a brilliant website! When I showed him the website and how it functioned, my brother was really impressed. The website basically worked to teach customers about the importance of HVAC system maintenance, and also let the customers know all the services our company had to offer. We would beat the competition’s prices guaranteed, and you could arrange for an appointment directly on the website! It didn’t take entirely long before the business was really rolling in after the website was launched. The next thing I started working on for my brother’s HVAC company was a special app for the company. The app would basically ask customers multiple choice questions regarding what HVAC troubles they were facing or what they were looking for in heating and cooling technology. The app would recommend various heating and cooling applications for their particular needs. For instance, if you said you wanted an energy efficient heating system, and you wanted superior air quality, the app would likely recommend radiant heated flooring! My brother said once again this was brilliant, and the customers seemed to really love the new app! Even though I wasn’t the best HVAC technician in the world, I was glad to be able to contribute to the success of my brother’s HVAC company!



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