I recently built a small workshop in the backyard; My interest of furniture building has turned into a small business… I’ve had friends plus neighbors buy many of our pieces! Their recommendations have led to more requests.

I’ve built plus sold custom family room sets, dining room sets, dressers plus wardrobes.

I enjoy designing plus constructing the pieces, plus I make a great profit. I needed a dedicated workspace, where the weather doesn’t impact our productivity. Whether it’s raining, snowing, humid or whatever temperature, I wanted to be comfortable working on our furniture. As I planned out the construction of the shed, I did some research into weird types of heating plus cooling systems. I was looking for something compact plus inluxurious, that would handle year round demand plus not cost a fortune to operate. The only style of temperature control which perfectly suited our requirements was a ductless heat pump. The ductless heat pump is comprised of an outdoor compressor, connected by a conduit to an indoor air handler. The air handler is small plus lightweight enough to mount on the wall. The idea works by simply moving heat from one location to another. In heating mode, it gathers ambient warmth from the door air plus transfers it inside. In cooling mode, the device reverses direction to pump indoor heat to the outside. This process is safe, clean, quiet plus beautifully energy efficient… Because the ductless heat pump is powerful enough to abruptly reach the desired temperature, I simply start it up shortly before I start work on a project. It is connected to our smartphone, allowing remote access plus adjustment.
Cooling install