When I was a kid, I used to stay at this cool little cabin in the woods with my dad and brothers. Our grandfather allegedly built the cabin from the ground up when my dad was my age, and they had a huge common room where a big fireplace was kept. The only thing I didn’t have in the home was a bathroom located inside the cabin, which I absolutely hated. My dad and brothers thought it was cool or didn’t mind going to the outhouse, even if we were in the winter or in the middle of the night. I didn’t want to use the outhouse because I knew it was crawling with bugs! Even if they did have lights in there, or an electric heater or furnace to keep the outhouse warm, I wouldn’t dare use it. I never slept at the place either, as the cabin also made strange sounds at night. Plus, I had once seen several bears just outside the window. I knew there were wolves out there too, and you could hear them in the night! There were all manner of critters, and I would say it was easily one of the spookiest places I stayed at as a child. I was would remember falling asleep in front of the fireplace as my family fell asleep, but if my mom came to visit and was getting ready to go home, I’d bolt to the door and beg her to take me home with her. I didn’t blame her for resisting, as she wanted me to stay and enjoy the “guy time” with my brothers and dad. Still, I would’ve happily chosen to just go back home and relax in a house that had central heating systems. Especially since we had an electric furnace that worked wonders! I miss those days.

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