My ten-year-old son recently had a field trip to an amusement park towards the end of the school year.

  • It was right after some hard testing, so all of the students were apparently very ready for a break! He wanted me to be a chaperone on this trip, which suited me just fine as I would prefer to be able to keep an eye on him.

The thing is, he also wanted three of his friends to carpool with us. I wasn’t too keen on having three other kids bouncing around my backseat, but then my son explained why he and his friends would really prefer that I drive them to the park. All the kids that weren’t carpooling would have to ride the cheese wagon to the amusement park. Those old yellow buses had no form of climate control and summer weather was on its way. I, on the other hand, had an SUV with plenty of room and excellent air conditioning! No wonder my son and his friends wanted to ride with me. Once I understood that it was air conditioning that they were after, I was all too happy to accommodate them. I can understand, after all. I used to have to ride those same yellow buses with no air conditioning too! My son and his three friends really appreciated the ride to the amusement park. Despite the fact that it was two hours long, they were quite too cool and comfortable because of the air conditioning. Meanwhile, when we finally got to the park, we could see that the kids getting off of the yellow bus were quite hot and sweaty in comparison!

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