I tend to be somewhat forgetful at times.

I never can remember someone’s name.

I can usually remember faces. I am often embarrassed, when I am introduced to someone and then, an hour or so later, we meet again and I’ve forgotten their name. I believe I have problems with short term memory loss or something. I have looked into natural dietary supplements that are intended to help improve memory. Despite my difficulty with memory, there are some responsibilities that I need to keep up with. Some of the more essential tasks I’ve been pretty good about handling. At one time, I did not remember to change out the air filters for our Heating and Air Conditioning components. Occasionally, the air quality in our house would become noticeably worse. The air conditioner would begin to struggle and then I’d realized what the issue was. Then, I would rush to replace the air filter. There were times when I forgot to schedule an HVAC contractor to come troubleshoot the air conditioner or furnace to prepare the units for the extreme weather they would face during the summer time or winter. It only needs to be taken care of a few times a year, but it is something that I now mark on the calendar weeks in advance. I find that making a note on the calendar or even having a yearly planner helps with keeping track of important things! I’ve enrolled into a professional maintenance plan with a local HVAC company which includes two service calls per year.



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