Our local heating, ventilation, and A/C supplier recently ran a contest for all correct customers.

If you had some kind of air conditioning or heating repair, tune up or replacement done within the last 3 months, you were entered into the mystery Heating and A/C equipment contest.

The prize was a random piece of Heating and A/C equipment for your home. The prizes could be anything from a smart temperature control, a space furnace to 3 free Heating and A/C tune ups. And the grand prize was a brand current and up-to-date heating and cooling system which included a whole loft air purification system. I was absolutely entered into this contest and won! However, as over the sky with glee as I was when I heard I won, I was not so glad with the mystery Heating and A/C prize I ended up winning. I got a lousy space heater! Go figure! Something that you can buy for under 68 dollars at a hardware store. Not to mention, I already had 4 space heating systems in our home. What was I going to do with another one other than store it away, or sell it. I knew it was too nice to be true. What I very wanted was that whole loft air purification system. I have been wanting an air purification system installed into our heating and a/c for a long time now. I never could afford to get one though. Well, maybe if they run another heating and cooling contest next year, I may be able to get entered in again and win something halfway decent!

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