My family and I took a nice vacation down south the entire winter. All of us have a little beach property that the people I was with and I rent for that time. The entire trip the people I was with and I did not think much about our northern property. I left the heating equipment on low heating mode, watered the plants and figured all would be alright. When the people I was with and I came back, it was coming back to a disaster zone. Apparently the heating equipment died while the people I was with and I were away. Since there was no heating whatsoever, the piping in the property froze. The pipes in the kitchen space were frozen solid and refused to allow water through! My hubby set up a bunch of space furnaces in the kitchen space trying to thaw out the plumbing in there. I was worried the people I was with and I would never get water out of the faucet. The worst was the upstairs though. The piping upstairs in the bathroom totally burst open. What happens is that there is water in the piping. The freezing air froze that water and it expanded. The piping could not really take the greater size and cracked open. Then once the weather warmed up, a good amount of water then leaked out into my property. The upstairs flooring is entirely ruined. The water damage and mold is not repairable I think. I don’t easily know how my hubby and I can service the bathroom plumbing. All of us think a plumbing company will need to come in and handle this excruciating job. The sink plumbing is a serious mess, the toilet is a disaster and even the shower won’t work for us. It is going to be a lavish plumbing repair. All of us are already dreading that costly bill.
Plumbing repair