For the past year, my girlfriend and I have rented a small house.

  • The rent isn’t all that expensive, and we’re located in a decent neighborhood.

Although the house isn’t anything all that luxurious, it has everything we need. For the most part, we’re quite happy with our rented accommodations. However, if we have any problems with the plumbing, roof, heating or cooling systems, we’ve had trouble getting any response or assistance from the landlord. I’ve ended up repairing most issues on my own. When the dryer quit working, I first called the landlord. After a week of not hearing anything back, I finally ordered a replacement part online and installed it myself. Just recently, however, the air conditioner started making a very high-pitched squeaking sound. I really didn’t want to tackle an air conditioner repair. I was worried about causing further damage and losing my security deposit. If I caused the air conditioner to quit entirely, I doubted the landlord would replace the unit. I took a video of the outdoor component with my phone and sent it to the landlord. Although the landlord never called me back, I did have a professional HVAC contractor show up at the house an hour later. Because of the video, the HVAC contractor knew the make and model of the air conditioner. He’d also figured out that it was the fan motor belt, and he brought the replacement part with him. The HVAC contractor was able to repair the air conditioner within twenty minutes. While he was there, I asked the HVAC technician to clean and service the cooling system. I’m not sure if the landlord would approve, but the equipment is operating more efficiently now.

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