I’m not doing so good because I left the central cooling system running while I did household repairs.

I finally redid the walls and ceilings in our home.

I wanted to get rid of the old plaster, add insulation and make sure the house is efficient. So I tore down the old walls, drywalled and painted everything. The process was tiring, long and rather hot. This is why I ended up running the cooling system the entire time I worked. It was so much fun to take a crowbar to our walls while the AC was blowing on me. The AC also helped with the drywall mud, drying it more quickly. I felt that running the cooling system would not be a problem. I wondered why everyone shuts down the HVAC and opens the windows. Once project was complete I realized why. I tried to keep the cooling unit running, but it struggled. It mainly blew dust all over the house. My new walls were coated in a layer of grime because of the dust spewing from the cooling system. The AC unit also made a worrisome grinding sound and could barely put out any cool air whatsoever. After checking inside the system, I realized it was my own fault. The cooling system had sucked up all the debris from the tear down process. It blew out cool air but pullin all of the debris and dirt. The air conditioner is so blocked with plaster dust that it could barely run. I am not sure an HVAC contractor can fix it either. I might be forced to buy a new cooling system now. After spending a fortune on redoing our house, I can’t afford a new central cooling system.

Air conditioning technician