My family is all in HVAC.

The moment you graduate high school, you go to be a HVAC contractor.

First you shadow an existing HVAC technician to get your license, then you take the necessary HVAC certification tests. Afterwards, you are a HVAC professional until retirement. The only leeway is that a family member can be the one selling the services to homes or maybe work in the office space. No matter what, you need to be in HVAC. I have to admit, I am really skating around the edges of the family business. I am not handy with tools in anyway. I can’t imagine myself tracking in someone’s basement or cleaning air ducts. I am more of a computer guy. I have talked my family into letting me go to college and learning about SEO. I want to be able to build the website for our HVAC business and tackle the digital marketing for it. Right now my family relies on word of mouth and maybe ads in the paper. The online marketing world is vast and a good one. I want to get into PPC, SEM and link building. The issue is that I don’t know how to do this yet. I want to get a four year degree that deals with building websites and marketing a business online. After college, I then will do this for my family. Hopefully, after my SEO strategies work, I can then tackle other HVAC businesses. We shall see if my family will like me helping out competitors though. Maybe I should not lead my pitch with that.
Link building