During a recent blizzard, both of us had several trees come down on our property.

My hubby was out for almost several weeks, breaking up all of the trees plus getting the wood into our wood shed.

Since Winter had barely begun, both of us knew that it was going to be helpful to keep the fireplace going. The people I was with and I have a boiler system which works well enough, but I don’t think there’s any form of heating as warming as the fireplace we have. The people I was with and I keep it burning all afternoon and well into the night, which can help offset the cost of fuel to run the boiler. I still can’t figure out why they don’t call it a furnace anyway! Since the only difference is that an oil furnace puts heat out through forced hot air, I’m thinking that with a boiler, the heat is supplied through heated water that flows through pipes in the house. I guess they just call it a boiler furnace but want to save time. Anyway, the fireplace is a great way to keep the home warm with entirely little expense. It is great for anyone who lives in or near a wooded area, as you can find “fuel” for practically no cost – other than the cost of time, which is spent cutting down a tree and segmenting it for burning. If you are in these areas, a nice storm will likely bring branches down for use as fuel or tinder for the fireplace.