My school recently built a small building to serve as a concession stand for our sporting events.

The sports that could be held in our indoor gym, such as basketball and volleyball already had the benefit of a kitchen.

However, it had been difficult to provide refreshments for the spectators of our outdoor sports, such as football and baseball. The concession stand was quite a neat little building once it was constructed. I have to say it was more modern than primitive. All it needed was a bedroom and a full bathroom and it could have been a miniature home! Besides the nature of its construction, the other reason that made me think it would have made a pretty nice little house was the fact that it had a ductless mini split HVAC unit for climate control. Central heating and air was obviously too complicated for such a small building, and the school obviously felt that window air conditioners were not going to cut it. Apparently, the perfect solution was the ductless mini split unit. The unit consists of an indoor and outdoor component, both of which are small and discreet and easy to install and connect to each other. Now, we suddenly had the perfect concession stand for outdoor sporting events. The workers within the concession building were kept perfectly warm or cool depending on the time of the year, and we were able to sell all sorts of food and drink that we were not able to before. Thanks to our climate-controlled concession stand, attendance of outside sports events definitely went up!


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