Being a big fan of art both new and old means that I’ve been an inspired soul for years.

After years of working towards it, I put together a nice little art studio for me to put my favorite pieces together.

I knew that one of the most important parts of my art studio was the climate control system, as the one thing that is particularly critical when I am finally working on various pieces is being as comfortable as I can be! I don’t want to have to stop what I am doing, all because I become too tepid or overly sweaty from the tepid temperatures. With the creative process being compromised by intense heat and humidity, I have become deeply frustrated in the past while working on some pieces of art. These days though, that problem has been nixed because of the art studio and the HVAC system with rapid heating plus cooling technology! I also have a smart temperature control alongside HVAC zone control, which is hooked up in our house. My studio is a zone in itself, I can focus heating and cooling to this “zone” as needed for as long as I”m in the room. With that ability, my work for projects can go for hours undisturbed. Just to ensure I can work undisturbed, my studio is sound-proof, and I can’t hear a thing outside! Still, better than the quiet workspace is the cool and comfortable workspace, thanks to the HVAC system and zone control thermostat.

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