My boiler system is so old that it is considered an antique.

I did not realize this until I needed a boiler system repair.

I moved into my parent’s home and for as long as I can remember, the boiler system has been the home heater. The boiler has gotten no service, repairs or even a cleaning in my lifetime. The boiler has recently decided to stop heating on me. I looked around the boiler and did some research. There is clearly a worn part on it that needs to be replaced. I decided to call my local HVAC business to do the work. I thought I would get the boiler cleaned while they were there. I have went through three HVAC providers and the boiler is still busted. The first guy said the boiler was too old to get a replacement part for. That it is around 70 years old and the parts for it are no longer made. The second HVAC contractor that came in told me that boiler repair is considered almost an artform. Not many guys can even do boiler service anymore. The guy that would be able to do the boiler repair would be in his 80s too. The third guy told me that the boiler can’t even be used for scrap metal and that I would have trouble getting someone to remove it from my home. So this is all bad news for me. I don’t want to get rid of the boiler when I can see there is only a small heater repair. If I can’t get the part or someone capable of fixing it, what can I really do though?


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