After graduating from college, I was offered a job in another state.

I was tired of living in the old house that was in constant need of updating.

I was tired of the sleepy town we lived in. The only time I came back was for holidays and when my parents passed away. I had no idea that someday I would be moving back to this town and living in this house. I was offered an amazing position in our company that brought me full circle. I was now moving back into my childhood home. I didn’t realize just how old the home was beginning to get. Everything was tattered and in disrepair. The furnace in the basement, looked like it was the one from when I was a kid. There wasn’t any air conditioning in the house. My partner showed up and between the two of us, we began to get the house back to where it should be. We called the HVAC company to have the furnace replaced and get an air conditioning system in the house. They told us the ductwork was in horrible shape and it would have to be replaced. He recommended that we consider installing a multi split HVAC system. With the multi split HVAC system, we wouldn’t need new ductwork because a multi split HVAC system doesn’t require ductwork. The selling point was when he told us we wouldn’t need air vents either. I am really glad that we chose to move into this home. We will soon have it back to where I remember as a kid, but with a new multi split HVAC system.



Ductless mini split