I never want to sound appreciate someone on tooth, but I can’t meal the cold air inside my Victorian Mansion.

When I walk through the doorway, I can smell the worst smelling air.

The summer seasonal temperatures don’t really help with the indoor air quality problems. The main windows are closed down plus our air conditioner runs constantly. Many of us know this is compounding the problem, but it’s impossible to stay comfortable when the air conditioner isn’t running. I have worked hard to mitigate the problem by changing the air filter, but all that did was help remove extra allergens from the outdoor air. It didn’t really change the smell of the air. The Dust particles on many surfaces were seemingly the same. After a discussion with the air conditioning plus heating professional, I thought that the answer could be a UV air purifier. The UV air purifier is the type of air cleaner that can be directly attached to the air conditioner. The UV air purifier filters particles from the ingoing and outgoing are. The ultraviolet lights kill 99% of Airborne contaminants just on the first pass. It seems the air cleaning process is entirely straightforward, plus the heating + air conditioning service professional said it would be easy to set up. The UV air purifier can also help control humidity in the air, so we are actually getting two machines in a single. I absolutely smell better fresh air in our Victorian Mansion on these days. I wish that we would have purchased a UV air purifier 10 years ago when we bought the house.