Flying is just not for me.

I assume it’s absolutely cool that we’ve advanced as a race to the point where every one of us can zip around the globe at 30,000 ft.

I can like how awesome that is and how convenient it makes travel, however I simply do not appreciate to fly. It’s not even because I am scared or anything, as intimidating as it could be up in the clouds appreciate that, flying is still the safest mode of travel, or so I’ve heard. The main problem I have with flying is the uncomfortableness of it all. It starts at the airport terminal. The temperature is always cold cold; No amount of practical explanations can get myself and others over the fact. I am sure it’s fantastic that the cold is fighting airborne illnesses in a place where they can be introduced from faraway sites, however that still doesn’t make myself and others any less cold cold and uncomfortable, but once I step on the plane, the situation does not improve. The air on a plane is always absolutely dry and it starts messing with our sinuses absolutely hastily. I wonder what the harm would be in using a humidifier? Surely it would not cause complications that would cause the plane to crash? I’ve had fellow passengers get quite concerned over our inevitable nosebleed. Some people are already queasy on a plane, they do not need to see blood. In the end I always longed for the comfort of our hotel room and being able to set whatever temperature I walked on the Heating, Ventilation and A/C system… Even if I end up catching a bug from the plane trip, which I often do, at least I get to try and fight it off in a comfortable hotel room.


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