I have to frequently drive to my grape fields to check on the plants. I check on the buds, baby plants and the posts. I need to make sure everything is in tip top shape. It was sort of drizzling, so I didn’t want to roll our window down. But, it was a warm enough day outside. I needed to run the car AC system in order to feel comfortable. I was nearly twenty minutes away from the grape fields when I felt the ac swiftly start to slow down. Then, I realized that the car ac was no longer working. I had to continue the rest of the drive with no AC. It was very uncomfortable. I was covered in sweat plus wishing that I didn’t also have to work outside when I got there. I then had to drive back from the farm back home with no AC system either. After I was home though, I attempted to do my own AC repair. I noticed that there was a leak in our cooling line near our engine. The part was enough to nearly make me cry. But, I decided that it would be worth it to update the low-pressure line on our truck’s cooling. I spent nearly the whole day taking pieces out of the car’s engine in order to put the low-pressure line for the cooling back in its place. It seems like a ton of work for something as small plus high-priced as having AC. But, driving without ac is like torture.


Air conditioning expert