Gleeful would best describe how I felt for our brother when he got his HVAC certification! I knew he was going to be a huge hit in the industry. He is such an ambitious and motivated individual, and he even has a superb personality that really makes him great with other people. I never thought about the benefits I would get out of him becoming an HVAC professional though, especially now! Since he wound up working with this awesome local HVAC repair provider, he became this super well-known HVAC professional in the area. Now he’s got his own business for servicing HVAC equipment! We were having lunch together the other day, and he was telling me all about him being able to install radiant heated floors in a day’s time or less. Just to prove it, he offered me a deal – 40% for the replacement of the radiant heating costs! How could I reject such a tempting offer? I was shocked at first, just that he would get me such a superb deal that would surely hurt him financially. I was asking him if that was the family discount or something, but he said that he could particularly do that for everybody he wanted to as long as he knew they’d appreciate it. I told him I was up for the replacement! He confirmed with me that I wouldn’t regret my decision. From there, I was just amazed at how suddenly he and his crew were able to take care of the replacement! You couldn’t even tell they installed the radiant floors – that’s how seamless their work was. He even installed a legitimately nice smart temperature control device, which he showed me how to use before he left. It’s easy to see why he’s so successful!