I recently moved into the most charming house that I have ever seen, however it is a log lodge overlooking a charming pound in the middle of the woods.

  • It is large and built entirely well, then there are several bedrooms, two study rooms, a substantial garage, and a sizzling tub installed inside of the house.

It even comes with a entirely efficient, entirely new oil furnace and cooling system that do their jobs perfectly. I just got everything unloaded and am ready to experience life here, then speaking of Heating and Air Conditioning units, I have a worried story to tell you about our outdated house. The two of us haven’t quite sold it yet, and from the way it looks now, it might be a while, and you see, its Winter, and the two of us are no longer living there… However, when the two of us left, the two of us forgot to set the oil furnace to a regular temperature; Usually, you set it around 45-50 degrees to make sure the pipes in and under the house do not freeze. As you can imagine, our house became drastic freezing without a oil furnace running. So freezing in fact that our pipes completely froze without the oil furnace running. The two of us went back a few weeks later and panicked when the two of us l acquired our mistake. After turning on the oil furnace and waiting a few days, the two of us realized the pipes burst and water was running everywhere. The two of us found the shut-off, and now are working with the plumber to replace everything before the two of us fix the floors and everything else, but who would have thought that a oil furnace was that crucial? I wish I would have evaluated the thermostat before I left.

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