My bestie and I went to a pretty nice brunch establishment for a bite to eat as we planned out her wedding.

  • While the food was wonderful at this place, this morning brought terrible air quality that left me feeling sick and sweaty.

The air quality was not all that superb! Especially for such a fine eating establishment as this one. I wanted to see if the manager would adjust the temperature control settings even by a few degrees. Seriously, it was a little muggy and overheated to say the least! It might have been particularly due to how the locale was so packed full of people! While I was able to talk to the manager before the food was delivered to our table, I asked if he could adjust the temperature control settings before retreating to the kitchen. I told him that it was really tepid and very uncomfortable, but he totally agreed. He apologized, saying he was so backtracked on making sure all the orders were complete and getting out the door. He didn’t have time to think about the temperature control settings for the dining room itself! He said he did feel pretty warm himself, so he thought it was because of all the running around – not the heat inside the restaurant due to the lack of A/C! Suddenly, he drew his phone and tapped the screen a couple of times. While he did this, the air conditioning system in the restaurant started to push cool air into the dining room of the establishment! I asked him if he just did that with his phone, which he confirmed! He said that they had a smart temperature control device in the restaurant, which he synced to his phone.

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