When I got married, I suddenly figured out how my wife was not the greatest cook in the world! Oftentimes before, I would cook – or, we would just get takeout food, and i just thought she legitimately enjoyed takeout. I never thought too much about it, but when we were married though, she insisted on cooking some meals for us more often. I’ve never seen somebody burn macaroni before, but there’s a first for everything! I had to have the fire-extinguisher ready, just in the event that the stove would catch fire again. The fire alarm would go off almost every time she cooked, so I figured we better find a solution to the smoke she makes each time. I decided to call up the HVAC company to see what could be done about excessive smoke indoors, and how we could remove the smell of burnt food. They said, I should have a ventilation system installed. Ideally, one with a quality air cleaner to get rid of the aromas. So I did just that – I decided to let the HVAC professionals install the new ventilation system along with the air cleaner. When my wife would attempt to cook more meals, the air cleaner would be cranked on. If there was smoke, I would get the ventilation system running ahead of time to get rid of it. These new replacements particularly worked rather well. It took a lot of practice for our wife to eventually become a superb cook! We sure did get a lot of use out of the ventilation plus air cleaners though, and these days we rarely use those systems as she has become a particularly excellent cook.

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