I remember back before our Grandfather passed away, he told myself and others to follow our dreams no matter what, and make them come true however we must.

My folks generally put a lot of pressure on myself and my sisters to go and attend a fancy ivy league school, For me though, I remembered what our Grandfather told me and my siblings, and thought about how I constantly wanted to get into a career where I was able to work on things. I constantly enjoyed fixing stuff or tinkering around, so I decided to go to a trade school to get my HVAC certification right out of high school! My parents surprised, if not a bit disappointed at first. When they saw that I legitimately enjoyed the type of job I got into and made good money, they began to come around. My parents have always made excellent money, and they believed that you just needed a lot of schooling to achieve that level of success. I was able to prove to them that I was able to get a particularly superb career, all with a minimal amount of schooling, and look at me now! Sure, the schooling wasn’t easy as could be – it was actually pretty hard, since I had to work my butt off to gain this HVAC certification! It still took way less time even compared to an associate’s degree, so making legitimately superb money to start with was a great perk that came with having this job. All that matters to me now is that my folks are proud, and I’m happy with what I’m doing!


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