When it comes to living in my neighborhood two things are always going to remain the same.

The first is that we all work together to keep the surrounding area clean, and the second is that we all will watch out for one another.

I was extra thankful for having such caring neighbors last winter when an intense blizzard blew through town and knocked out old heating unit out of commision. I tried to call over to the local HVAC heating and cooling company to have the unit patched up, but instead I was just put on a long waiting list due to all of the damage that had been done around town. Not sure what else to do, I walked over to my closest neighbors house and asked him if he knew anything about HVAC repair. Without hesitating, my neighbor waddled through the snow back to my house with a toolkit and began going to work on the unit. He told me while he was looking through his tools that the unit was in bad condition, but he would try the best he can to fix it. Around forty five chilly minutes later, the heated gas furnace kicked back on and warm air started to flood the house! . It turns out that my neighbor was a handyman who had some background experience in HVAC repair, lucky for me. I’m not sure what I would have done without the help of my neighbor that day. The way it was looking for me at the time, I was either going to freeze to death or turn into an ice cube!

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