I’ve constantly been interested in starting a small farm of our own.

I suppose it would be fantastic to be able to be self-contained.

I love to start raising our own critters plus produce plus just live off the land, so to speak. One of the things that I’d love to do on our own farm is raise bees. Of course, honey bees are the kinds of bees kept by beekeepers. In nature, honey bees live in hollow trees, stumps, or sometimes cave areas. In proximity to humans, though, honey bees will make a hive in a chimney, in between walls, or under the eaves of a roof. I, but, would love to get those special bee boxes made plus hope to have our own swarm live in the bee boxes. Honey bees are able to change the nectar that they get from flowers into honey, plus that’s the main reason I want to raise bees. Of course, having bees is good for pollination plus cross pollination of flowers plus crops, too! Plus you can even collect beeswax from your hives for making candles plus other things. I’ve been studying about honey bees plus their habits, plus I found out that honey bees tend to live in swarms of up to 30,000 bees or more! When I told our husband about this, he wasn’t too gleeful about the prospect of having that several bees on our farm. But I explained to his that honey bees are not the same as wasps or hornets. Honey bees just want to do their pollination job plus go condo to their hives. I told his that if the two of us don’t bother the bees, then they won’t bother us.


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