Something that I legitimately miss these days are the old fashioned drive-in movie theatres. Some are still around, though most are long gone – many of which are demolished! I used to care about going on dates or visits with friends to the drive-in theatres. I’d have the air conditioning cranked way up, and if it would ever get legitimately chilly, we would just use a blanket to keep warm. I miss those days, as the movies gave you all the time in the world to hang out with friends! It’s legitimately a shame though, as I can’t go to places like that anymore. With the heating plus cooling technology that has improved in our cars, our modern vehicles would be absolutely perfect for a drive in – and so much more comfortable! If I were able to park at a drive-in theatre with my wife today, we would experience the ultimate comfort and climate control within the SUV we drive! Since we didn’t even have such advanced climate control back then, I can’t help but feel like we’ve been gypped out of an incredible drive-in experience. At least now, there are still plenty of restaurants and fast food joints around where you can park and eat! They will skate right up to your window and bring your food out to you. We love when we have the chance to attend places like that for the occasional dinner. We care about going to various eating establishments from time to time, but nothing is as fun and enjoyable as being in your car with your loved one. What I wouldn’t give to relive a drive-in theater night with my wife!