My son is forever playing in the kitchen, which I ask him not to do.

He has his own playroom and it is filled with toys and games.

I understand that he likes to be in the kitchen with me, but I just don’t think the kitchen is the safest place for him to play. My mother tells me that we always played in the kitchen when she was cooking and nothing ever happened to any of us. We would hide in the cupboards and use the pots and pans like drums. I have no problem with allowing my son to play drums on my pots and pans. He has one cupboard that he is allowed to get into because all it has is his pots and pans in it. My biggest worry is that i remember what we did as kids. I know how we emptied the flour all over the kitchen and pretended it was a ghost. I also remember my brother putting his juice on top of the window air conditioner and forgetting it was there until he slammed the door as he was running away from our older sister. Trying to explain that one was a hoot when my dad saw this red fluid coming out of the air conditioner. He ripped the air conditioner apart, think there was coolant leaking out of it. When he realized what the sticky mess coming from the air conditioner was, he was not a happy camper, but he took it well. He was the one who banded us from coming into the kitchen anymore, unless it was to eat. I don’t want my son getting into trouble like we did. Of course, we don’t have any window air conditioner to spill juice into.

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