Usually, when a telemarketer calls, I prank them.

I hesitated to do so with the call I got recently, as it was a call from an HVAC company in town.

They relayed to me that they had some great deals going through the month, including the installation of radiant heated flooring for half the usual price. A free temperature control system was also installed while supplies lasted, so that was an awesome deal! I legitimately wanted to get radiant heated floors, and have wanted them for a long time. I was amazed that they were calling about this phenomenal deal in the first place! I told them that I was interested, and arranged to have the replacement appointment scheduled. I was in disbelief from the speed at which these guys worked, as they were installing the new radiant heated floors with the costly smart temperature control within a single afternoon. I had never owned a smart temperature control before, but they walked me through how to use it and all that good stuff. Once everything was installed and I was able to test out our newly installed heating system, I was pleased! This type of heat felt so soothing. It was so much better than our former forced air system for heating the house – I didn’t have to worry about all that dust flowing out of the ductwork into our home, or drafts being formed. With this heating system in place, the air quality wasn’t even negatively affected in any way. The heat was even too, with no drafts in our home! The other nice thing was the fact that there was virtually no noise coming from the new radiant heated floors, other than a quiet hum as the boiling water circulated under the floorboards. The new smart temperature control was awesome, as I could really make adjustments to the temperature control with my phone – even when I wasn’t home.



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