We’ve been thinking about adding an additional bedroom for the past several years, but we were concerned about the cost of the addition.

Not only would we have to pay to frame it out and wall it in, but we would also have to pay for drywall, carpet, painting, a door, and windows.

On top of all that, my husband and I were both concerned about the cost for adding new ductwork and ventilation for the extra bedroom. I knew that adding new air vents and ductwork would cost a lot of money and the addition itself was already going to stretch our budget. Neither one of us really liked the idea of using a window unit air conditioner or a space heater in the new bedroom. So I started to do some research on different heating and air conditioning options that might be a less expensive option for us and I came across a heating and cooling device called a ductless mini split unit. Now that I’ve read all about it, it seems that a ductless mini split unit is actually the best option for converting our deck into a livable, working bedroom space. The ductless mini split unit is able to provide both heating and cooling to a bedroom space, plus it runs quietly. Apparently, the ductless mini split is also very energy efficient and so it won’t cost us very much to heat and cool the additional bedroom. That was a big relief for us, since we were concerned about money anyway. Now I’m excited about the new addition!

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