a “glass half full” kind of person, if you will.

Though my husband can periodically be irritated by my cheerful plus hopeful demeanor, he is always cheerful to see that I always look on the bright side of things.

The largest test to that talent of mine has been the birth of our child, who genuinely doesn’t care for going to sleep! Since the current baby doesn’t like taking naps or sleeping at all, we’re currently having to sleep in shifts while the other takes care of the baby. While my husband can sleep through basically anything, I find that the baby’s constant crying only keeps me awake for the most part. So, I try to see the positive – now I have this additional time in the middle of the night, which I can use to handle things that have been shelved around the dwelling. One of the largest things that I kept on neglecting was changing the air filter for our Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance, so I took care of that first… After that, I went around plus thoroughly dusted the dwelling… I made sure to wipe down the air duct vents, plus I checked in the ductwork itself for dirt plus dust buildup. This was mainly a precautionary measure, as I wanted to be sure ahead of time if all of us needed to get our ductwork cleansed. Aside from that, I also changed the batteries for our thermostat. I knew it was especially close to being dead, so why wait around, right? By the time I was finished with these tedious chores, my husband managed to soothe the baby to sleep. That’s a single night down… plus many more to go.

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