Having a soft spot for jazz music, has made me care about going to odd sites around town, just to listen to the music played.

Most the sites I go to constantly have superb climate control systems, and quality air cleaners.

This means that you can even order a very odorous meal – like trout – and the air quality doesn’t suffer at all. The air cleaner also gets rid of the aromas too, so it’s constantly nice and fresh in the sites that I frequent with excellent air quality. Nothing is better than jazz with some superb food and drinks, and I like to go see various artists as they play at venues here in town. I am just lifted away by the music! It brings me this feeling of total and complete tranquility, much like how the heating and air conditioning systems at some of these clubs will make you feel so cool and refreshed as you dance to the music. Dancing to jazz can make you work up a sweat, so it helps to have access to quality air conditioning after an hour on the dance floor! Anyway, I digress. The important thing is, having access to excellent air conditioning can make a nice jazz club that much more “cool” and relaxed. It’s hard to sit down, sip a drink and enjoy live jazz when you’re sweating into your clothes, so of course it’s kept cool in jazz clubs. That’s half of the reason that I love it so much!


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