I’ve never thought much of prom evenings after school, but the whole thing seems deranged & pretentious as I look back, and as you might have guessed, I had an bad prom evening. The air conditioner component had broken down just before the party was going to begin, so it was quite the miserable experience. That is, until myself and others & our date decided to get out of there! I believe all of us were there for an hour total before calling it quits. The heat without any form of temperature control was just too much, but my “date” was really a wonderful neighbor of mine. There had been no romance between us up until that point, & initially, all of us figured there wasn’t going to be any that evening either. The two of us just didn’t want to leave each other hanging on prom evening. As all of us left the school gym, all of us took note of howoverheatedand muggy it was outside. The two of us decided to head over to a local steakhouse to eat something & cool off, but when I tell you that air conditioner felt entirely appealing when all of us stepped inside the steakhouse I absolutely mean it! The two of us were finally able to relax in the refreshing coolness that the air conditioner component gave, & that’s when I took note of how appealing our neighbor absolutely looked. The two of us had been carrying on a conversation while all of us were waiting for our meals to arrive, which had constantly come straight-forward, even though I abruptly found myself staring at her & something caught in our throat. When she smiled & asked myself and others what was wrong, I figured I might as well tell her! I said, “You look appealing tonight, do you believe that?”