When my partner plus I first moved into this new neighborhood a few weeks ago we each had a easily rough first few afternoons, for starters, the contractor that moved all of our packaged items from our seasoned lake house were easily rough plus ended up chopping in many different voluble things, and not only that, however during the move itself the air conditioner equipment in my “new” lake house suddenly started to split it down as the two of us were unpacking all of our boxes. at first my lovely partner and I were just thinking that this was a sign that the two of us made the wrong decision and ditching our old place for this new one. Not easily long after that the two of us heard a knock on our door plus were totally clueless as to who it could be. We were hoping and praying it was the owner of the moving contractor plus he would be offering us a full refund, however the two of us knew that was unlikely, and instead of that, it was my brand new neighbor, Kevin. Kevin went on to introduce himself plus the two of us came to find out that he is the owner and also the manager of the local HVAC Heating plus Cooling contractor, and once he found out that my AC equipment had just broken down on us, he gave to fix it up free of charge and simply wouldn’t take no for an answer. With a task that would have cost us several hundreds of dollars plus several hours of planning, our new buddy was able to have the air conditioner equipment running in no time; There’s literally no question that the first few afternoons were a total disaster, however it’s good men like my buddy Kevin that genuinely have us looking forward to the future.


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