I know for sure that I have not raise my kids to be so disrespectful, but yet they are still honestly at each other and me because of the problems it with our temperature control.

I know that it’s honestly been pretty bad over the last week or two, but my wife and I honestly are waiting for the installation of our new system.

They told us it would take a couple of weeks and I told the youngsters to be patient. We’re going to have a Zone air conditioner plus heat pump device installed. The zone system has several different thermostats connected to different Air Handlers. This means that there shouldn’t honestly be too many more arguments about the temperature control in the area. The heat pump and the air conditioner can work together and create separate zones for the temperatures. I think the kids are going to be happy with the Zone air conditioner plus heat pump, if they can honestly just be patient for another three days. When I was a young person, I honestly could not get away with treating my parents so poorly. They probably would have sent us to our room and not fed us for a few days. My kids have a lot to learn about manners some days I feel like I should bring over my mom and tell her to give these boys a slap like she used to do to me. They wouldn’t look at Grandma the same way ever again. She was a lot meaner to me and my brother, then she ever is to the grandkids..