My mom has been living at the same house for the past ten years or so.

She really likes the area and she even likes her neighbors.

That’s a plus for her, since she’s gotten pretty grumpy in the past few years, and usually she doesn’t like anyone at all! Anyway, even though she loves the house that she’s living in, she’s been having some trouble with the fact that her heating and cooling bills have been astronomically high in her house. We’ve done lots of things to try and curtail the high cost of her utility bills, but none of the energy savings tips we have tried have worked. We had an HVAC contractor over to check our her entire HVAC system last week, and he seemed to think that the entire problem is with the ventilation system. Apparently, when you have an older home like my mom’s, the ductwork and ventilation system isn’t always foolproof when it comes to holding and carrying the heating and A/C throughout your house. The HVAC technician told us that my mom’s ductwork is actually full of cracks and leaks and so her heating and air conditioning is leaking out through the ducts before it ever makes it to the heating vents and air ducts that lead into her living space. In other words, my mom has been paying to heat and air condition the non-livable spaces in her house. We’ve made an appointment to have the HVAC contractor come back out and give us an estimate on replacing some of the ductwork. I hope it works because my mom doesn’t want to move!


HVAC technician