I’ve never met a person who is so obsessed with the settings on the thermostat unit as my partner is.

A lot of the time, she makes the slightest adjustments to the thermostat all throughout the day! It’s as if there is this perfect temperature she’s searching for.

And it must fluctuate throughout the day as well as into the evening. She just feels like she has to make these little adjustments to reach it. I will admit that the temperature outside does change throughout the afternoon and evening, but usually that only prompts me to turn down the air-conditioning a little bit during the evening when things get a little bit cooler. My partner ends up making adjustments throughout the day, but I don’t understand it; she generally prefers it cooler than I do. But she does love to turn the air conditioner on even higher at night time even though it’s naturally already cooler. She says it makes for more comfortable sleeping for her, but then she’s the one that steals the covers off of me as later on that night! I cannot even begin to understand this behavior of hers but I guess I have to deal with it. Or maybe I don’t really have to, but I guess I have to admit that our energy bill is not significantly affected by this habit of constantly fiddling with the temperature control unit. We do always try and have the necessary repairs done on our Heating, Ventilation and A/C unit all throughout the year and we have an energy efficient model. So as long as that remains the case, I guess it’s no harm if my partner wants to mess around with the thermostat control machine the way that she does.

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