They prefer to claim that I thought of every possible luxury, & that’s why I typically host the parties.

I also end up hosting parties of every kind – birthday parties, holiday festivities – the list extends forever.

It doesn’t help that I’m also a gifted chef, so I spent much of the daytime hours in my kitchen area! I used to dislike how long I’d spend in my kitchen area, cooking away, but that was mainly due to how frigid my feet would get. I definitely know – a man with every form of heating & a/c equipment that you could think of, but I still can’t seem to keep my feet nice and warm. I looked into various possible changes to make to my kitchen area. I was planning to renovate the entire kitchen area anyway, so why not add an extra heating element to the mix, right? That leads into my choice to get radiant heated floors installed in the kitchen area. Radiant heated floors task a lot like a radiator, but are embedded in the floorboards. From below the surface, tepid air easily rises from piping or electric cables. That heat continues to rise through the room, up towards the ceiling. The best part about this is, the heat is generated in an even, uniform distribution. This means every single part of the kitchen area is warmed at once, & that makes it quite a bit more comfortable! And, using radiant heated floors means that I don’t need to utilize my gas furnace as often to warm up. All in all, I’m blissful with my option of heating equipment.