I know that my speaking out can be a big problem.

I’m not afraid to step on someone’s toes, if it is going to make things better.

I love the luxuries that go with life and I’m not afraid to be a bit extravagant when I am getting quality items. I especially love to splurge when it comes to special occasions and seeing the joy on a loved one’s face. I took my fiance to dinner the other night, at one of the most famous restaurants around. The dress is formal and she wore this lovely long black gown while I had on my tux, as we waltz into the restaurant. Everything was posh and verge on being luxuriously gauche. We sat down at our table, when I realized this was going to be the downtrend of our fantastic evening. It was going to be the night my girlfriend became my fiance. As I watched her shiver, I took off my jacket and wrapped around her. I called over the head waiter, but he told me that he had to get the manager over, if I wanted to speak about the air conditioning. The manager came over and I told him I would appreciate if they could turn the AC down a bit. He smiled and told me that if he were to accommodate one couple, then the rest of the diners would be uncomfortable. I went home and penned a letter to the owner of the restaurant, and I told him about the air conditioning and how the manager responded. Two weeks later, there was a grand reopening. They had put Zone Control into the restaurant.
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