Because my partner and I have just graduated college and have a considerable amount of debt that we need to pay off, we don’t have a lot of cold hard cash at disposal to spend on apartment repairs.

Last week for example, we had a very dire problem with our a/c system. With that being said right in the middle of this very long and humid warm season, our a/c unit stopped producing any cool air out of nowhere… I called over to the local HVAC heating and cooling contractor to get a somewhat close estimate on what it would cost to have a repairman come out and repair the unit, and it’s fair to say that it was way out of our price range. My partner and I have constantly been super handy and capable thank the lord, so we started thinking that we would deliver fixing up the broken down a/c unit a shot on our own, however we did what everyone with a working brain would want, and jumped right on the internet. Both of us ended up seeing dozens of popular videos on YouTube along with a few step-by-step blogs from other homeowners who decided to try to repair their a/c units on their own as well, and to our surprise, we eventually ended up being able to repair the a/c unit and get it blowing cool and crisp air into the home in only thirty minutes. I really don’t want to toot our own horn, but I suppose that we might have done a better work than any standard HB AC repairman, and did it with pretty poor tool set. When we finally get our careers going and have Expendable income, I’m sure we will leave fixing up the units and a home on our own, but it sure does feel amazing to be able to take care of a problem without having to empty your whole purse.

a/c repair