When we bought our house, we wanted to keep the back room as our spare room for when company shows up.

The room has its own bathroom and it is very private.

Over the years, our family all but forgot about the room. No one wanted to spend time in there because it was just too cold. It was great in the summer, because it was always cool. Even our parents shame us into giving them our room when they visit, if it is in the winter. We have good HVAC in the house, but somehow, no matter how hard we try, the heating never reaches that room. There is no sun able to get into the room because of where the windows are positioned. The big oak tree outside the room, provides so much shade that even if the windows were on the other walls, it still wouldn’t get any sun. We finally called the HVAC company to see if we could reclaim the spare room and turn into a usable room. The HVAC technician used her heat seeking gun and told us that the room was never properly sealed. We had to buy spray insulation and put it all around the window to seal out the cold. She also suggested we buy a ventilator. The ventilator is a fan that goes between the walls between the two connecting rooms. It helps to push the heat through the air vent so more heat gets into the spare room. I am hoping this works so we can use the room.

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