I found myself in a situation that was honestly more than I could handle.

My wife plus myself were honestly going to get the type of divorce where I was without a place to live. I have been living in this large mansion with my wife for so long and been spending so much money. Over the last few years alone, the both of us honestly spent thousands of dollars to fix items in the house. One thing in particular was having the air conditioner renewed. Our Mansion was sizable + filled with many rooms. When we replace the air conditioner, it was expensive. I didn’t want to spend all of the money to buy another house, so I decided to buy some time with renting. I honestly found a nice Beach place to rent, plus the amenities are pretty great. They have an updated air conditioner that is one of the ductless options. The ductless air conditioner is great because I don’t even have to worry about fixing any problems. I am going to retire soon and that means not having to run around and worry about problems known stop. Once I set the temperature on the air conditioner, I can honestly never think about it again. If something goes wrong, I’ll just contact the landlord + ask them to contact someone from the repair center. It seems I’m done with the do-it-yourself answers, even if it means taking care of my own temperature problems. From now on, I’m going to call someone else. It’s going to feel great for a long while.