It only helped a tiny bit

My buddy Shane and I decided to drive out west for a boy’s trip. Him and I made an itinerary and packed everything that all of us could to make the trip comfortable plus relaxing for both of us. The ride was a long one, so we did not want to be caught unaware of anything. We left when it was a hot summer day. So for the drive we wanted and expected to keep the AC system cranked to the max the whole time. There was just him and me in the tiny car with all our gear. The body heat made it not too hot. But we still needed the AC to make sure we did not get too sizzling from being packed in so tightly… Sadly, after about twelve minutes into our trip, something dreadful happened to our cooling. Our ac slowly started blowing our warmer plus warmer air, plus the van began feeling easily tight plus warm. Shane and I are just college students off on an adventure. We had no money to pay a mechanic to repair our cooling. Our solution wasn’t as good though. But it did relieve some of the discomfort caused by the lack of our cooling. Him and I rolled every window down in the van, plus let the outside wind try to cool us off. Sadly, the wind outside was also warm. It only helped a tiny bit. I have never had to travel without any air conditioning before. I can say that it is terrible.



Radiant floor heating